The Millionaire Parking Attendants – Part 1

There’s this old myth story that about a parking attendant that became a millionaire.

Now it’s usually not possible to become a millionaire earning around $20,000/yr, it yould take you 50 years if you didn’t spend a dime. So how did this parking attendant earned more than a million dollars?

Did he win the lottery? No…
Did he receive a million dollars from a high profile client? No…
Did he own the lot? No…

The parking lot just outside the Bristol Zoo in England. There was space for 150 cars and 8 coaches, or buses. Cars would pay around $1.4, coaches $7, and Mr. Unknown worked there for 25 years.

Until one day… he stopped showing up.

 The Bristol Zoo Management decided to call the City Council and ask for a new parking attendant.

“Hey, this is the Briston Zoo Manager speaking, Your parking attendant stopped showing up, can you send another one?”

To which the Council replied:

“Hum… What parking attendant? The lot is your responsibillity.”

“No, you sent the attendant, we never hired him.”

“Neither did we…”

This parking attendant used this parking lot as if was his own, earned around $560 PER DAY for 25 years and then just vanished!

What he did wasn’t exactly legal.. but talk about a sense of opportunity! And bad management by the part of the Zoo and the Council. Mr. Unknown saw an opportunity that almost no one would think of and went for it.

Although this is probably just a myth, there’s a lesson here.

Never stop looking for opportunities!

I’m not saying that you should go and do something illegal, but if you have a closed mindset you will end up missing a lot of chances.

This was Part 1 of The Millionaire Parking Attendants. There’s another story of a parking attendant who never earned more than $20,000/yr, yet his net worth is over half a million, and this story, is true.

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