Things I’ve learned after blogging for a Week

I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite a while now. There’s a lot of things that I want to do and a lot I want to talk about, and this is a good thing… Or so I thought…


I started this blogging journey 7 days ago. WordPress had a discount for a pro plan – $146 for 2 years – and I thought, “This is it, I’m doing it”. And here I am, 7 days and 6 posts later.

I was watching some bloggers/YouTubers giving tips on how to have a successful blog to get some more knowledge and evaluate this first week. Maybe I decided re-watch those videos because I knew something was not right. But what are the things that I did well and what did I do wrong?


What went well

1 – I actually enjoyed it

At first thought maybe it was just an impulse and I wouldn’t enjoy it after the first couple of posts. Not everyone is the same, just because X or Y is doing something, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for me. But thankfully I’m really enjoying it. So the most important thing is to talk about what I’m passionate about.

2 –  Making me focus

There’s a lot of things that I enjoy. Entrepreneurship, tech news, mobile development, cryptocurrency, food, fitness, gaming, food, travelling and food. But I don’t really travel that much (yet), I don’t really know much about food except how to eat a lot. Gaming sounded good because it’s a growing community, esports will be everywhere in a few years, but I don’t feel like playing games should be my big life project (but I still play and have a twitch channel).

So I decided to start with Entrepreneurship, tech new, mobile development and cryptocurrency since I can make a connection between all four.

Sounded like a solid plan, but after a week… I decided to keep two of these.

What went wrong(ish)

1 – Deleted posts

From the selected categories three posts were “tech news”, two “cryptocurrency” and one “entrepreneurship”. Tech news it’s an easy topic because it’s easy to write something new everyday, even a small post, but although I enjoyed the topics and I should be aware of what’s going on he internet, it doesn’t really add any value to the blog since these news can be found everywhere. Also, since I was writing one post a day, tech news took three days making zero days available to developing my coding skills and maybe write something about mobile development.

So I’m removing half my posts and focusing more on “Code” and “Entrepreneurship”.


I learned that I really enjoy blogging, sharing my thoughts and knowledge. Stared a bit all over the place but it helped me understand the direction I want to take, more valuable content instead of a lot of redundant posts, making this first week of blogging a success.

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