Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

Less than a week for the new years eve, people start defining new goals for next year. It’s a time for reflection, looking back and see what are the things that went well and what areas need improvements.

Everyone hopes next year will be better than the previous year. It would be great if life always improved year after year, no matter what you did, but the truth is, it will only get better if you work for it, at least for the things you can control.

Most people wish for more money and to stay healthy, but are not willing to make sacrifices, learn how to manage their finances, earn more money, eat well and go to the gym. So next year will be the same and so will the year after that…

But entrepreneurs think different, entrepreneurs don’t wish for things. They plan how are they going to obtain success and strategize. It might sound boring, but entrepreneurs get excited to actually put their plans to the test.

So What are the Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs?

1 – Remembering why you became an Entrepreneur

Regardless of your current situation, always remember the WHY. It will guide you when hard times come because there will always be bad days. You might find yourself lost, but stopping for a second and remember why are you doing this will refuel hunger for success.

2 – Review the business plan

There is always something new every year. A new social platform, a new emerging coding language or even a new law that requires you to pay more taxes. While planning for next year you can’t really predict what’s going to happen, but you can adjust your path to align with the new tendencies. You should do this at least once every quarter, but now it’s the right time to review the things that you missed.

3 – Get more social

I made a post talking about the most important thing in business. It doesn’t really matter what you do if people don’t know about it! Getting into social events will make you good connections where you can talk all about your product and find customers or partners. This is imperative for any business. And social networks just make it easier than ever! Be on the platforms that work best for your type of business and escalate.

4 – Review finances

Any business can only go as long as it has money. This is obvious, so it’s really important to review last year finances. Was money badly spent? Did you make the right investments? Did you not grow enough because you should have hired more people but you didn’t because it would cost money? These are just some of the questions entrepreneurs should be made when reviewing their finances.

5 – Improve work-life balance

Hard work is important, and so is working smart. See what areas of your business can be automated, delegated or simply didn’t work for the last couple of years so you should stop that task. Clear time for yourself and your family. Exercise, stay in good health, this can be achieved by only eating healthy food and taking some walks in the park. There is a sweet spot between work and leisure that you must find. This way you won’t wear yourself out and stay sharp for the whole year.

What are your new year’s resolutions?

Cheers to 2019!

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