11 Steps to crush 2019

Most of new year’s resolutions have failed by February. But we are here to not let that happen! You can achieve so much if you don’t surrender.

Here to help you achieve more this year – 11 steps to crush 2019

1 – Realize your life needs to change

New year resolutions are half-magic. Why only half? Because the other half is usually missing. The first half is the meaning of the resolution.

If my resolution is to lose weight is because I look at myself and see that I overweight. If my resolution is to finish a project it’s because I probably haven’t been working on that as much as I should. That’s the magical part, the self-evaluation people do. New year resolutions are a list of things that people want to do/improve in their life and that’s powerful.

But it’s only half the magic.

The other half is not as easy to achieve and only a few grasp its power. The second part of the magic is “Acting on your resolutions”

Are you ready to go to the gym every week and eat healthy? Will you come home after your day job and work on your project. Ready to skip the weekends fun and stick to the grind?

Great magic comes with great price.

2 – Confront your beliefs

After you get all pumped up by how great this year will be, your mind will try to trick you into thinking you can’t do it.

You can’t eat healthy food because all your family eats garbage. And that’s not true because you can cook the food and you can educate your family. “I don’t know how to cook” it’s just another poor excuse. If you are reading this you can search how to cook clean meals. Your family goes to MacDonalds a lot? There are already lots of healthy options there, there is no need for soda or fries.

Confront what’s keeping you from doing what you need to do, don’t put the blame on others. Only you can control your life.

3 – Analyse the past

Think about all the major events that happened in your life so far. What good and bad things happened? Are those things that you can control? If yes, you might have a chance to improve those events. Do things the best way that you possibly can.

In 1981 the US army came up with a system called “After Action Review” to continuously improve how they operate. You think about the event and ask three questions.

  • What happened?
  • Why It happened?
  • How can we improve?

Go through these questions, get some answers and apply what you learned next time.

4 – Set some goals, all outside of your comfort zone

Doing what’s easy won’t get you nowhere. You won’t make any progress unless you challenge yourself to do something that’s beyond your comfort zone. But it’s also important not to set a goal so out of reach that you will feel like you’re making no progress towards it. If you’re not used to running maybe a marathon in February might not be the best goal. Try starting with 10km and go from there.

For me, one of these goals was to start this blog and soon the YouTube channel. I have zero experience in writing and speaking to a camera, but I’m doing it to challenge myself and see how far can I go.

Depending on how hard and how much time you’re putting into it, try setting a number of goals accordingly. If you set very few easy goals you can probably do better. And if you set too many goals you will spread yourself too thin and end up not accomplishing anything.

5 – Deconstruct each goal into smaller steps or levels

If your goal is to start learning how to play the guitar, maybe you should start with learning chords first instead of trying to play “Through fire and flames”.

Break down everything you need to do before the goal. It will make you notice the progress and keep you motivated. Do this or you’ll risk being overwhelmed by how far your goal is. All things worth to get are hard to get.

6 – What your life would be like if you achieved those goals

It can be tough to feel like you’re making no progress. You know you just have to keep going, but a motivation boost would help, right? Picture what your life would be if you achieved those goals. Would you have more financial freedom? More time for yourself and your family? How would your life be? Memorize those images and those emotions and let them give you the boost you need.

7 – Staying on course or at least see how long you can keep it up.

After the hype of starting something, skipping one or two days starts looking like a good idea. Just to relax… but it’s a really dangerous move. Complacency it’s a real enemy and it can only be fought with Consistency.

Consistency Consistency Consistency.

8 – Hang with people who are moving forward

Your environment is extremely important. If you hang out with people that go out almost every day and only talk about Netflix or about other people, you need to find some new people to hang out with. Find some people that inspire you and respect your decisions. If they have similar goals even better!

9 – Quarterly adjustments

Planning is important, but so is adjusting. If the strategy isn’t working, change it. If you found a better way to achieve your goal try it! Don’t be afraid of trying a new approach.

10 – Remove negative goals

“It’s a lot easier to stop doing something that’s not helping you than starting a new habit!”

A negative goal is something you know it’s destroying your productivity and stop it. One example is watching too much TV shows. Finishing Game of Thrones for the second time it’s a time waster. If you use those hours doing something towards your goals, imagine how much faster you would reach them.

11 – Reward yourself

When you finally achieve a goal, go celebrate you deserve it. It’s important to keep some work/life balance. It is ok to tel your friends and family your achievements, those feelings will help you to achieve the next milestone.


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