Top 4 Entreprenerus on YouTube

Entrepreneurship is one of my favourite topics (in case you haven’t noticed from the blog) and there are a lot of Social Media personalities out there, but there are some that for me resonate the most. I literally spend hours watching their YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

So here are my top 4 Social Media Entrepreneurs (Ordered by subscribers)

Jaspreet Singh

Entrepreneur Jaspreet Singh Minority Mindset MIH

From the Minority Mindset YouTube channel we have Jaspreet Singh.

Jaspreet is probably the Entrepreneur I spend more time watching. He manages to be a super chill, funny and informative YouTuber. Started out organizing parties while in school and is now his main investment is in the real estate business.

In his YouTube channel he teaches us about how money works and inspires us to build a business and leave the regular 9 to 5 job.

My Minority Mindset favorite Tips:

1 – If you can’t aford five, you can’t aford one

2 – Don’t just save money – buy seeds

3 – Start a business

4 – Live below your means

5 – Pay bad debt

6 – Learn how money works

7 – Start with your goal first

8 – Ignore what other people say

9 – Learn when to hork hard

10 – MIH (Make It Happen)

Check out Minority Mindset YouTube channel (412,810 subscribers)

Dan Lok

Entrepreneur Boss in the Bentley Dan Lock

Dan Lok is a world-class expert in helping people achieve their greatest potential. He’s a two-time TEDx opening speaker and has spoke in stages around the world.

He advises his audience to get a high earning skill and teaches his high ticket sale philosophie.

My Dan Lok favourite Tips are:

1 – Sacrifice

2 – Bring Results

3 – Change your Identity

4 – Think

5 – Continuous Learning

6 – Set Goals

7 – Have an Action Mentality

8 – Identify Trends

9 – Believe in Yourself

10 – Learn from Martial Arts

See: Dan’s YouTube channel (1,135,499 subscribers)

Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David Valuetainment Entrepreneur

Valuetainment host is Patrick Bet-David. I’ve been following his channel for quite a while now and I just love it. Patrick tells us all about entrepreneurship, not just how wonderful it is, but the hard truth and how to overcome everything. And it’s not just inspirational quotes, but how to actually do what needs to be done.

It just passed the 1M subscriber mark and is now making its first live conference called “The Vault”.

Here are my top lessons from the Valuetainment.

1 – Pursue your dreams

2 – Read people

3 – Leverage your time

4 – Don’t change yourself

5 – Have the right attitude

6 – Learn how to sell yourself

7 – Systems

8 – Learn from the Genius

9 – Believe YOU can do it

10 – Show up every day

Make sure you subscribe to Valuetainment (1,134,460 subscribers)

Gary Vaynerchuk

GareVee Entrepreneur

GaryVee needs little presentation at this point. He is an American entrepreneur for many recognized a Digital Marketing and social network pioneer, CEO of VaynerMedia and VayberX.

He started as a wine critic and grew the family business from $3Millions to $60Millions! He’s also an investor in companies like Uber, Birchbox, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Here are some of my favourite tips of one of todays most charismatic entrepreneurs.

1 – Bet on your strengths

2- DO IT!

3 – Put Business in prespective

4 – Don’t care about others

5 – Don’t overlook Storytelling

6 – Care about customers

7 – Stick to your DNA

8 – Do the things that matter

9 – Don’t make excuses

10 – There is no overnight success

Check out Garevee Youtube channel (1,870,376 subscribers)

These were my top 4 YouTube channels for entrepreneurship. But there’s three more channels I would like to talk about because they complement the little pieces of information that are missing.

Bonus channels

Phil Town / Jeff Rose / Graham Stephan

Phil, Jeff and Graham share a similar type of content. These three are not motivational speakers. They give very specific examples on how to grow a business, invest and get more wealth in the long run. Phil shares his knowledge on the stock market, Graham shares a lot of his real estate business (he even has a course on that) and Jeff is a financial expert with videos on real estate, stocks and even blogging.

Find them here:

Phil Thow’s Rule #1 Investing (220,440 subscribers)

Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose (224,235 subscribers)

Graham Stephan (340,891 subscribers)

With these 7 channels, you have everything you need to get started and CRUSH IT!

The rest is up to you…

What are your favorite channels? Let me know in the comments below.

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