Online Businesses to Start from Scratch

Entrepreneurship being the main focus of this blog thus far, we have talked a lot about the mentality and the general skills needed to achieve success in business and in life.

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When you think about building a business and how to achieve financial freedom, the first thing that comes to mind is to have a BIG idea, develop that big project that is going to be the next big startup, the next Instagram or UBER, but 99% of people that achieve their independence did not start a big company.
Of course, it is possible, and if that’s your goal, by all means, go ahead! If you really want to live the Jets life, that’s probably one of the very few ways to do it.


You do NOT need to start a huge company in order to get a six-figure salary. But it does take some work up front. It’s just like everything in life, what you get is equally proportional to the time and effort you put in. It’s that simple.

You can start some of these while keeping your 9/5 job, and when the cash flow you’re getting from your side hustle is enough to cover your basic expenses, some extras and saving some for an emergency, you can start considering going full time.

But where do you start? What should you do?

I’m going to give some examples of online businesses you can start with zero or very little cash.

1. Become a Blogger

If you somehow landed on this page and you’re reading this, this is a blog (obviously). A blog is a place on the web where people express their opinions, expertise, experiences, or share news on their favorite topics. As this blog talks about entrepreneurship and businesses, you can start a blog and talk about your interests, your lifestyle, food and cool photos you take. You can even talk about gaming or tech!

Can you make money with it?


As you increase your followers, your site will get more traffic and then you have a number of options. You can sell anything related to your content like photos, e-books or consulting. Also, you can have ads to display on your blog and you will get a commission for the number of ads served. Ads will probably not make much money, I don’t think you can rely on this to make a full income.

Join blogging with some of the next tips for maximum exposure and potential revenue.

2. Become A Social Media Expert

Social media is everywhere. It takes Zero money to make a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or almost any other social media platform. If you plan on doing anything online, you are probably going to need these for your business.

Now don’t go into social media and spend 2 hours looking at other peoples posts. If you want to sell houses or get some traffic to your blog, go to your social media, make a relevant post, reply to every comment on your pages and get out of there.

Learn how to create ads and build trust with your audience.

It will take some time to build a business on this (especially if you don’t run ads yourself) but now that you know how to do it you can start consulting local businesses and get some extra money and expertise that will help you grow even more.

3. Become A YouTuber / Podcaster

Just like the blog or vlog, a YouTube channel or a podcast are ways for you to express your thoughts, ideas, talents, and creativity. Talk about something you are passionate about and build an audience.

As your followers grow, you’ll start making money by views and engagement metrics, ads, and even sell your products or services. You can also get sponsorship from other companies. This is not as unusual as it seems.

Remember to drive traffic from one platform to another. Keep referencing your other channels, websites or social media.

Here is a list of my favorite YouTube channels for entrepreneurship: Top 4 Entreprenerus on YouTube

4. Start a SEO business

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important on the web. It’s what makes websites appear first on the google page. If you search for Real Estate, what websites pop up first? The websites on the first page have a better SEO rating and are much more likely to have visitors.

If you learn how to do SEO you can not only apply it to your website, you can do consulting for other businesses. How many outdated and with no regard for SEO websites are out there?

Explain to your customers that Traffic Brings Sales.

That is why they should invest (pay you) to get more people on their website.

5. Start an AD management business

Somewhat similar to SEO, the purpose of ADs is to drive traffic from one point to another. You can make YouTube video ADs to bring awareness to your or your clients business. Facebook ADs have also shown to be one of the best ways to invest in ADs.

You can have other creative ideas like some cool flyers or billboards. The exact type of AD depends on the business, but all businesses should have some form of AD.

Awareness Brings Sales!

6. Box subscription business

This one will probably require some investment from the start. The idea is to get people (the more the better) to subscribe to a service or product you provide.

It can be an exclusive facebook group that a person pays a fee to enter and a monthly fee. That group should have a defined purpose, something that will help the members to achieve, connect and learn something with you and others.

Another idea is to sell something like a basket with cosmetics, t-shirts, socks, food…

If your subscription box costs 20$ and you have 100 subscriptions, you get 20k$ a month!

Online Box Subscription Business
Online Box Subscription Business

7. Business coaching

If you have the expertise in any type of business, you can do coaching, share your experience and help your clients improve their products or services.

For example, if you have experience in hospitality, hotels and restaurants might be willing to pay big money for your valuable insights. If you can have clients that need your help on a regular basis, even better!

8. Create an E-commerce Store / Amazon FBA Business

Selling items online has never been easier. There are platforms like Shopify or BigBuy where you can create an online store in less than an hour. You don’t even need physical products to sell, you can use dropshipping. When a person orders something from your site, it informs the product provider, and they send it directly to your customer. You are paid to be the middleman.

If you have somewhat a following, you can also reference your favorite products from Amazon. You can have a picture of the product and a link to Amazon, if a person that clicks the link buys the product, you get a commission and the person doesn’t have to spend 1 cent more. It’s a win-win!

9 – Create Websites, Web Apps or Mobile Apps

This one requires more technical skills. Websites are easier for someone with no programming knowledge, especially with some platforms like WordPress. As soon as you get the hang of it, you can start selling cool websites to the local businesses, and ask for a fee to keep things running.

Web or Mobile Apps will be harder to start, develop and put it on the store, but it might get you bigger returns.

It all depends on the idea and the implementation!


These are some of my favorite ways to start making money online. I’m only at the beginning of my online business quest but I’m learning a lot every day as I’m implementing some of these myself.

Most of these take some time to grow and see the results, but all of them should work. You just have to find what fits you best and go for it. Also, don’t try to do everything at the same time, I know it sounds exciting to have money coming in from all these sources, but it’s so much better if you can first pick just a few that complement each other and make a decent income from that.

Have you implemented any of these? What others do you know and what tips do you have?

Let me know in the comments below.

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