How to Increase Productivity and make the most out of your day

We all want to get things done, be productive and feel like we did accomplish our goals for the day. But sometimes, and even though we spent a lot of time “working” we feel like we haven’t done exactly what we were supposed to do. That’s because we lack Productivity.

What is Productivity?

Productivity measures the efficiency of a person completing a task. It’s a crucial factor in production performance. By increasing your productivity you will be able to complete your most important tasks the best way you can and possibly, in a smaller time frame.
Productivity is not about doing everything fast and get it over with. For example, if you are developing software, usually there are a lot of ways you can approach the problem. You can do it the fast (and bad) way, or you can try to find the best solution you can think of and implement it. In spite of the fact that the second option seems less productive because you have to spend more time on it, it will actually save a lot of your future time. This is because you will do a better job and won’t have to go back and fix your mistakes.

You came up with a solution and implemented it.

Unfortunately, due to deadlines, this is not always possible. But you should strive to do your best within the estimated time frame.

But fear not, I have some tips and tricks to increase productivity!

1 – Prepare the day before.

If you want to be super productive as soon as the day starts, you have to plan ahead. Waking up and not knowing what are you going to do first is not very productive. Make a realistic list of things you want to be working on and act on that list.

If you wake up without a clear goal for the first hours of the day you’ll probably waste a lot of time wandering around. You don’t want that.

I use a very cool app called TimeTune (Android). It helps me set my list with the times to do everything. (If you have an iPhone there are a lot of other cool apps)

2 – Eliminate Time Wasting Activities.

This is pretty straight forward. Don’t waste time on social media (unless you are working on it), don’t check your e-mail, don’t turn on the TV or YouTube and keep your phone far away.

Imagine that you are at the cinema. No one likes the kids doing noise, you only want to focus on the movie and the popcorn. So treat your work like a movie, pay attention to it and nothing else.

3 – Organize your workspace.

A messy work environment is more distracting and more time wasting. By simply organizing, you will feel less frustrated, happier and you won’t waste time looking for something you need and you can’t find.

Clean Workspace Mac Apple

4 – Focus on the most important tasks first.

Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States and he had a strategy for increased productivity. It’s now called the Eisenhower Box or Priority Matrix.

You have to decide which tasks are urgent and important, everything else can wait, be delegated or dropped.

Take a look at my Box for today:

Wisenhower box Tasks Productivity

5 – Be on your max level of energy!

To really get the most of your day your energy levels have to be maxed out! It’s actually very simple to do it, but most people won’t because they stay up late watching TV while eating junk food.

If you want to be on your max you have to get a good night sleep, eat healthy meals and exercise.

You can’t be over or under sleeping. Find your sweet spot. For me, it’s from 7 to 7:15 hours of sleep. I also have balanced meals, avoid junk food and soda. This may not seem important but your brain takes power from what you eat. Also, doing some form of exercise has a long list of health benefits, including a better functioning brain.

I’ve lost count to how many times I was working out and the solution to the problem I was trying to solve, just popped on my head.

Your body is your most important tool, so take care of it.


These tips will be useful in any situation and whatever stage of your life you’re at. If you are building a business try to read these: 12 Tips to Grow Your Business and 10 Skills you need to develop to be rich.

Will you try to do all these tips? What other tips do you have?


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