How can Overnight Successes be so Lucky in what they do?

It appears that every once and then there is some new “Overnight Success” story. The media starts talking about this new personality and his/her fame explodes. After getting all this attention money starts coming and their life looks like heaven on earth with no worries at all.

That’s when people start saying “How lucky of him/her”, “All they do is travel, and they make so much more money than I do”, “He/She didn’t do anything and got famous”, “I did it once and it didn’t work”, “It’s a lie, don’t fall for their schemes”

This is the kind of trash talk always come from people that do nothing to build something themselves, don’t try to improve in any field, don’t do anything helpful for society, but for some reason they think the world owns them everything.

But what about lottery winners? Well, the majority of lottery winners actually go broke just a few years after winning. They don’t know how to manage their money, much less invest, and they end up in a much worse place than they were previously. Very few people actually get lucky in a way that it changes their life forever (in a good way).

So is there a way to become really lucky and successful?

YES. And the rule is simple.

Luck is a dividend of Sweat. The more you Sweat, the Luckier you get!

This is the truth.

The “overnight success” stories you hear on the news, spend years working, practicing and learning until the day they become starts.

No one talks about how they began, how much they worked without knowing what the future had in store for them. It’s easy to comment on someone’s success, but to start doing something that will not give any fruits for the next two or three years and never stop believing, that takes some special kind of mind, dedication and heart.

Let’s say you want to start a company. There is always going to be risks involved. Maybe you launch at the same time as a competitor, or maybe the markets crash. These things you can’t control no matter what you do.

But you can create your own luck.

A well planed business plan should cover for the “bad luck” that comes your way. A good business idea with a solid financial plan and market research will help you do critical decision faster and lead your business through hard times.

Rule of Luck quote Ronald Cohen

This applies to everything. You want to start a blog, a YouTube or a Twitch Channel? It will take a lot of planing, execution and patience. Do this right and people will become attracted to what you are creating and opportunities for a big change in your life will appear.

This is how you become an “Overnight Success”, this is how you become “Lucky”.

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What are you doing to become luckier and achieve your goals?

Let me know in the comments.

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