If You Don’t Use Your Own Product, Don’t Even Try To Sell It

You have this awesome idea for a product or an app that in your mind it would sell like crazy. People will line up just like they to when a new iPhone is released. That’s awesome! You are about to create something that you’ve always wanted, and you will make a huge profit!

Wait… You won’t be using the product yourself? Oh…

If you are going to create a product, you must know your audience. What they currently have and what they still need. Is there a way to improve what they already have or give something new they don’t have and really need?

You need to know your audience.

After the idea, comes the validation part. If your product isn’t something you could use, you must at least talk with people that will use it. Do they think it’s a good idea? Is it something that will help them, is the price appropriate?

Reach out for friend and family first.

Friends and family are the easiest targets to prepare your presentation and ask for feedback. You might even get your first clients. But you must ask for honest feedback, they can’t sugar coat the truth.

Don’t forget where you came from.

After the successful launch of your awesome new business don’t forget your beginnings. As you scale It’s important you remember the people you helped and the reason why you started all this, and being your own customer is a huge business advantage.

Now go out there and create something that you would love to use, and then sell it!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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