Leaders X Managers – Lighting the Fire

Creating a start-up from scratch to become a big multinational company can only be achieved with leaders who are passionate about their business and inspire others. When everyone in the company believes they are doing something great, something that will impact a lot of lives, great things will happen.

A great part of leading a business is harnessing the inner power of people and make do something they believe in.

But managing people is not an easy task. Everyone has own ideas, philosophies, strengths and weaknesses. That’s why leaders must rely on managers. While leadership is about vision, management is about creating processes, planning, budgeting and staffing.

In 1975, Henry Mintzbreg identified three broad management roles: informational, interpersonal and decisional.

Companies are investing in creating and developing a deeper culture that embraces teamwork, creativity and addresses each member concerns and motivations. Is money the main motivation for this person? Is the ability to make decisions? What drives each and every one?

Emotional Intelligence plays a big part when creating a culture. As Daniel Goleman wrote on his book (Emotional Intelligence) in 1995, there are five domains of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Knowing your emotions
  • Managing them
  • Motivating yourself
  • Recognizing and understanding other people’s emotions
  • Managing relationships

Leaders develop a vision and advocate changes and new approaches, while managers implement those ideas on a new and stable environment.

Managers do things right; Leaders do the right things.

Also, great leaders know that they won’t be around forever and one of the most important thing they have to do is to hire, train and nurture their successor.
Nine years before his retirement, General Electric CEO Jack Welch said, “from now on, choosing mu successor is the most important decision I’ll make.”

Some companies take leadership into more consideration than management, but this is not a good practice. Great companies must value both: leaders who can spot opportunities and managers who can make those opportunities a reality.

Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, raising their performance to a higher standard, building a personality beyond its normal limitations.

Peter Drucker (1909-2005)

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