I just turned 30. What’s the plan for next year?

I can’t believe one year has passed since I started this blog and wrote “I just turned 29. What’s the plan for the next year?”. I guess time really flies.

And as I was reading last year’s post and doing a retrospective on what was the plan for this year and what I accomplished, I can say that I got close my yearly goals.

Obviously, I had my ups and downs, that’s live, but overall I think we did ok and I have so thank some of you who showed interest on what the hell am I doing writing a blog on entrepreneurship and technology.

On last year’s blog post I introduced myself and wrote the following:

So right now, I’m working as an IT consultant in a cool company while working on my side projects and now, this blog. For 2019 I want to have some apps for iOS and for Android and grow my blog with tech and entrepreneurial content and start a YouTube channel.

What went well and what didn’t?

Let’s start for what I didn’t accomplish…

The YouTube channel

Ah this was a though one… I thought I didn’t have the right equipment to start (and no, that’s not a valid excuse), and doing video is scary… so I didn’t do it. Now I don’t have the equipment excuse, so I just must face the camera and do it.

And I that was the only thing that I had zero progress.

My Career

This year I changed companies and started working as an iOS Developer on a banking app (wow)! Plus, I’m on the Digital Marketing team which has given me the opportunity to understand what’s going on after the launch of an app, understand user’s behavior and how to analyze analytics data to give the best user experience possible.

My Side Hustle – Mobile Development

I worked on two radio apps that are available for Andorid and iOS (hurray)! “Radio AVA” is a local radio station and “Rádio Grémio” is the radio station of private school called “Colégio Grémio” that inspires students to have extracurricular activities like doing radio shows! How cool is that?

This year I’ll probably work on a major UI update for these apps using an amazing framework called “Flutter” by Google. It allows us to develop beautiful and fast apps for Android and iOS with much less effort.
I’m also working on two new apps that I’ll talk about in the future.

Rádio AVA – Android / iOS
Rádio Grémio – Android / iOS

My Side Hustle – Blog

This was my first year of blogging and I’ve learned so much about it. I had ZERO experience but I’m as excited about this as I was when I first started.

The blog is here to stay.

Let me show you some analytics for this year so far.

Clearly, half of the year I did regular blogposts and the other half not so much, but there was never a month where I didn’t blog. As for the number of views / followers, this metric because goal was for me to improve in some areas. I did a lot of research on entrepreneurship, business, investments, blogging and more recently marketing.

For the next year I must put those marketing skills to good use and bring awareness to the “Valuepreneur” brand. (this is so cool and scary at the same time)

Long story short, here is the plan for the 30’s

  • Mobile Developer Skills
  • Release 2 Apps and 1 major update
  • Valuepreneur brand awareness
  • Start the YouTube Channel

Thank you for reading, I hope you stay for the journey of this nerdy mobile developer and aspiring entrepreneur.

See you on the next post.

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