New Year’s Resolution Ideas – 2020 Edition

Yes, we are almost saying goodbye to another year.

In 2019 my was a year I grew and learned a lot.

I started blogging in December 2018, and I blogged fairly consistently since then. There is still a lot of stuff I need to figure out, but it’s a never ending journey. Blogging was one of my goals for this year.
I also landed my first mobile development that I worked really hard to achieve and I’m super proud that my efforts are starting to pay off.

This wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have the determination, worked consistently and had fun while doing it.

With 2020 around the corner, it’s time to think about some meaningful new year’s resolutions. It should be something that you really want to achieve but at the same time, something realistic.

Here are some ideas for your New Year’s Resolutions.

1 – Eat healthier

This is one of those that almost everyone makes, but it never lasts long. Everyone knows, more or less, what is healthy and what is not.
Eat more: veggies and fruits.
Eat less: meat, processed food, drinks and added sugars.
It’s easy right? So why don’t we do it? Well it’s because we lack the discipline to do it. These foods are not harder to get or to prepare. Just google healthy foods with (your ingredients).

If you live with anyone else, make sure they understand and respect your goals and decisions on this.

2 – Exercise Consistently

Same as number 1, everyone should exercise as often as possible. You can find a local gym, workout at home (just search on youTube “home workouts”), or do some kind of sport regularly. It depends on your liking. If you’re not used to exercise start slowly and register your progress.

The most important thing is the Discipline to do it, not the workout itself.

3 – Manage Expenses

Ever wonder why do you reach the end of each month with a lot less money that you were expecting at the beginning of the month? Start tracking your expenses with a simple app like Spendee. Find where are you wasting money and cut expenses there.

4 – Learn how to invest

Having some money on the side, you can start learning how to invest your money. If you don’t have much, you can start by buying stocks or crypto. If you have a business, it’s usually a good idea to re-invest into the business.

But there is only one thing where your investments are never lost and that is investing in Yourself. Buy books, online courses or even classes on the things that you want to learn. Knowledge has the BEST ROI.

5 – Travel

Who doesn’t want to travel these days? Unless you’ve already traveled lot and you feel like you need to stop for a while, traveling is always fun. I bet there are hundred of places in your country you haven’t seen, and yet we still think that in order to have fun traveling we have to spend a lot of money and it has to be as far away from home as possible.

If possible try to find you countries hidden gems and explore.

6 – Read Educational Books

Just like eating healthier and exercising, reading is a habit not many people have these days, but everyone knows they should read more. If you have reading habits, that’s awesome. But unless you are trying to become a writer, those fictional books aren’t benefiting you as much as other books might. Think about what kind of book would help you achieve more. Is it a Business, Marketing or even Cyber Security book? Use the knowledge you gained for these books to elevate your career or apply to our next item…

7 – Start / Grow a side business

This one is harder than the previous ones. As we have talked about on this post: Online Business to Start From Scratch there are tons of opportunities out there to start earning some extra income. From an E-commerce Store to a Mobile App / Game, the list is endless.

The main excuse people give not to start a side business is the “Lack of time” and yet, they know every Netflix show out there.

We find the time for the things that matter to us, nothing else. And that leads to number eight.

8 – Learn to Manage Time

It’s true, some of us spend a lot of time on public transports, taking care of the kids and the house and we need to rest from the mess that is our day to day life, but every one has the same 24 hours/day, how is it possible that some people manage to do everything.

They manage and take the most out of their time.

Stuck in traffic/public transport? Listen to some podcast or audiobook.
The kid just went to bed? Perfect time get things ready for the next day and write a few words for your next blog post or do some research.

Consistent small steps take you much further than you can imagine, just like the story of the rabbit and the turtle.

consistency small steps

Throughout 2019 I’ve done almost all of these and in 2020 my goal is to keep doing what I’ve done so far but even more consistently and better.

What are your new year resolutions? Let me now in the comments.

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